Head, Palliative Matters

Responsible for identifying disadvantaged Youth, & those whose livelihood have been majorly affected by COVID 19 and distribution


Miss Patience Nnedinso Eze is a dedicated Youth Leader with over eight years’ experience leading youth groups, and volunteer activities.  She is a friendly people person with deep faith, strong leadership abilities, and the ability to build rapport quickly with diverse youth, children and adults.  She drives joy in developing herself and others.

She is passionate about planning multi-stakeholder engagements to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nigeria and advocating for Goal 5 to achieve gender equality. She involves youths, women, and children in community activities.

She is the founder of EPF Nigeria (An advocacy and empowerment platform for women, girls and children). The convener of Lady P and Friends Charity Tour.

The Director, Directorate of Gender, Girl-Child Empower and Human Trafficking Matters National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN).

The President of Global Youth Entrepreneurship Forum for Good Leadership and Rural Development Goals (GLOYEF) and the Executive Director of Little Miss Nigeria.

You are welcome to partner with and support the Nigerian Youth Compact on COVID-19.